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Sun Conure Parrot Personality, Food & Care

Diet: like all parrots, Sun Conure needs a nutritionally balanced diet in order to stay healthy. In the wild, sun parakeet is very social and typically occurs in large flocks of 20 to 30 individuals mainly feed on seeds, fruit, vegetables, and insects because it requires more protein intake during the breeding season. 13/08/2010 · Saw a beautiful little sun conure that I want to bring home! I was wondering how well I can expect him to get along with my cockatiel??? He? is very tame and so is my cockatiel female. She flys free around the house and hopefully I would be able to let the sun conure. 23/08/2012 · sun conure or cockatiel, sun conure vs cockatiel, sun conures mine is fussy, sun cure parrot, sunconure or cockatiel. Click on a term to search for related topics. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Display Modes: Linear Mode.. I have a green cheek conure, my friend has a cockatiel, it really depends on what you want in a bird! My conure is quiet unless you don't say hi to him when you get home or you don't wake him up at the right time, then he screams, but even his screams aren't too bad other types of. 14/05/2007 · One of my friends is giving away a sun conure because she is moving away and can not take the bird Yes, I know they are supposed to be loud. But I already have a cockatiel. while researching sun conures I found out they are very jealous birds,does that mean he will attack my cockatiel if I leave the room or that he will be.

11/11/2012 · So i have a cockatiel, his name is Obi. Sweetest little boy hes like my baby. Now im thinking about getting another bird for multiple reasons. Im a student and wanting to get a part time job about to graduate and take a gap year working,so i can spend time with my bird. So i also maybe want a buddy for my bird, dont worry i know not. 09/10/2011 · Hello, everyone~ I'm interested in purchasing a green cheeked conure or cockatiel in the near future. I can't decide out of the two, however! I've cared for two love birds in the past prior to now. I've also done my research on conures and cockatiels. I've even been visiting a local breeder and interacting with many of her birds, cockatiels. 02/10/2007 · I have a cockatiel and a conure and one of them is always left out. I am not sure if they can be close to each other, so the cockatiel usually gets ignored. Can I put a three year old conure with a 1 1/2 year old cockatiel? I wouldnt let them be in the same cage, but I want to let them sit together. Will this hurt the cockatiel? thanks.

06/12/2007 · As a first-time bird owner, should I buy a cockatiel or a sun conure? I know that cockatiels may be the better first-time owner bird, but I have read up on Sun Conures and seen pictures of them. I love what I hear about them--their playful personalities, their cute little antics, and just everything. I even love their vibrant colors. 22/06/2009 · Are Conures really that much smarter than cockatiels? Would a Conure and a Cockatiel ever get along? Not housed in the same cage, but when out of cage together??? I saw these adorable Sun Conures today and I soooooooooo wanted to take them home.

10/11/2012 · DONT KNOW IF IT COUNTS CAUSE MINE ARE STILL YOUNG BUT my 8 week old yellow sided green cheek conure and 12 week cockatiel are stuck to each other like glue. do everything together. dunno how i will seperate them when i get my sun conure. . 02/07/2011 · hencrazy - i do want a bird that's playful! in your experience are they more playful than cockatiels? i am doing research on both the sun conure and green cheeked conure. both sound like great birds. a little bit concerned about the nippiness of them. is it something you can train out? my cockatiel never really bites hard, just nibbles. The sun conure is no messier than smaller birds and loves to be outside of the cage for playtime. A sunny will revel in its owner’s attentions and isn’t a bird that enjoys being left alone. It will appreciate another sun conure as a “comrade” and will not lose its pet quality if. 06/07/2012 · Saw a beautiful little sun conure that I want to bring home! I was wondering how well I can expect him to get along with my cockatiel??? He? is very tame and so is my cockatiel female. She flys free around the house and hopefully I would be able to let the sun conure.

Sun conure and a cockatiel? Yahoo Answers.

31/05/2008 · The new conure should be quarantined in another room for 30 days to avoid passing on any new diseases to your cockatiel. I would never house a conure and a cockatiel together. I have 6 cockatiels and 1 conure and they have out of cage time together but I have to watch them every minute. The sun conure is naturally playful and affectionate when it gets the attention it needs, making it especially suited for those who want a bird for steady companionship. Like most pet birds, sun conures require training if you want to have a positive and fun relationship with them. 13/07/2013 · Best Answer: I would see if you can take the noise of a sun conure before you ever get one. If you really want a conure but want less noise a conure such as a marooned bellied or green cheek conure would be a good idea. A conure is a bird that loves to come out of its cage everyday. It.

25/01/2010 · I have a 2 month old tiel and I believe it may be a female I have a older sun conure and u dont know if its male or female. But I always heard that breeding pair of birds groom each other. My conure always wants to groom the tiel and mess with it. The tiel bites and makes the conure back off. I'm just worried that maybe the conure. 28/08/2012 · Sun's are beautiful fun parrots, but they can be very loud. If noise is a problem I definitely would vote cockatiel. Like was already mentioned get a female, they are much quieter than the males.

Free Flight Day: Sun Conure, Eclectus and Cockatiel Parrot in the afternoon. Flocking together doing free flying to enjoy the wind. Thanks for watching our video! SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS – source Related posts: How to Tame A Cockatiel Steve the Cockatiel Wild COCKATIELS in Australia Happy Cockatiel Whistling On The Couch. Sun Conure. Linville's Aviary, FL We Ship. Pied Sun Conure - being hand fed at this time - $450 weaned - DNA results pending - $50 deposit will hold this bird until it is weaned and ready to be.

13/03/2010 · My cockatiel is 3 yrs old and first in my household. I used to a quaker parrot who I put in same cage but I no longer have him. I just recently bought a conure who is one and has had a previous owner. He lived alone in his cage in last house. Now. should I eventually put the conure in with my cocaktiel? My cockatiel would love it. 07/05/2009 · Ok, first let me start by saying that it will be a few YEARS before I would get a Sun Conure, but I figured I should start researching now. I want to be fully prepared for when I do. Can a Sun Conure and a Cockatiel live together? Not in the same cage, of course, but in the same house? I raise free-range birds, in the sense that. 20/10/2018 · Baby Sun conure adopted in 2016, hatched approx 2011, female Tango GCC adopted in 2016, hatched approx 2014, female Bindi Sun conure adopted Jan 2018, hatched approx 2011, female Screamer Cockatiel adopted April 2018, hatched approx 2012, female Stanley Pineapple GCC adopted Aug 2018, hatched approx 2014, male. 02/01/2010 · Hi, I have a cockatiel girl and a green cheek concure boy. I believe they have mated because we discovered 3 eggs hidden under the bed the other day and our cockatiel is very protective of the area. She is sitting on them but I am unsure if the eggs can hatch or she just laid them instinctively sp?.can anyone shed some light on the.

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